Cornbread Hustle

Opening doors and creating opportunity for the improvement of society.




Larry Linton - My future is much brighter now with cornbread hustle ...I say that because you hardly hear about a program that has the heart to reach down and give you a hand up from the muck that you put yourself in and ACTUALLY look forward to you being successful while congratulating you along the way

John Skyler Morgan1.jpg

John Skyler - By far Cornbread Hustle is the best experience I've felt in my quest of Entrepreneur success hands down. It's one of the most sincere outreachs I've seen. CBH encourages and motivates it's participants to be better today than they where yesterday. It also helps employers and employees meet. The founders have pure hearts of gold with no hidden agendas there objective is very transparent!


Chong Kim - All I can say is that these past two months have been an amazing experience, the opportunity, but most of all the kinship you develop here, you can't find anywhere else. Such a huge blessing and you guys are the footprint in my heart. Thank you. 

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Kenneth Koreba - Six months ago sitting around the day room on the Estes Unit I would have never imagined that I would be getting hired by the Dallas Morning News or interning with the Dallas Cowboys Inside The Huddle production team...The opportunities, network and education they provide is unreal. I'm 31 years old and for the first time in those 31 years my mom actually told me she was proud of me . These past few months working with Cornbread Hustle has taken me to places I could of only dreamed of and now they're slowly becoming a reality and taking shape in front of my very eyes. Mike and Cheri go above and beyond the call of duty for us on a daily basis don't know where I'd be without them .