Cornbread Hustle

Opening doors and creating opportunity for the improvement of society.

Cheri Garcia - Founder

Cheri Garcia has a background working in TV news, but her entrepreneurial spirit pulled her to become an Inventor. Cheri invented the Luminous Envy Tanning Bed, which is sold nationwide and has been picked up by As Seen On TV, and Leslie’s Pool. Her dream has turned into a reality, but her ultimate goal is to continue her journey as a motivational speaker and invention consultant. She lives to inspire others to realize their passion and find the courage to take risks to achieve goals. She currently does PR exclusively for Mark Cuban Companies and works with several of the Shark Tank startups on a daily basis. She uses her experience from working in the newsroom to help spread the word and create buzz for Entrepreneurs. Cheri is also the CEO of an app called RentEval, which recently received $500k in funding. You may have seen Cheri on the Steve Harvey show for her philanthropy work and entrepreneurship. She revealed her own personal story to 2.3 million viewers on national TV, and continues to spread the message to inspire others. Prior to becoming an Entrepreneur, Cheri was addicted to drugs and arrested several times. She knows the pains of finding your way to success after what feels like life failures. Cheri plans to use her resources and network to help others become passionate in a career that fits their goals.


Susy Solis - Co-Founder

Susy Solis is the President of Solis Media Strategies. She spent years as a journalist story telling so now she helps our participants tell theirs. Often times, it's a struggle to get out the right words when employers ask details about their incarceration or drug use. Susy helps our participants craft their story in a professional manner. She also assists with interview skills, dress attire and on camera sound bites when media opportunities arise.

Robert Bennett - Co- Founder

From the age of 12, Robert always wanted to be in the military and serve his country. After graduating High School, he went on to pursue his dream by enlisting into the army for four years which included 2 tours in Afghanistan. Today, Robert is the co-founder of Cornbread Hustle, a transformation program that helps convicted felons become Entrepreneurs and find meaningful employment. Robert has a passion for helping others and and seeing people succeed. With his military background, he hopes to expand Cornbread Hustle to help Veterans reentering the workforce in the near future. 


Israel Torres - Program Advisor

Israel Torres got sentenced to life in prison at the age of 21 for a non-violent drug charge. During his incarceration he spent most of his time educating and gathering the tools necessary to succeed if ever given the chance to make parole. Ultimately, he was granted clemency through President Obama's Prison Initiative and is now working to help others who've served time and is advocating change for prison reform. 


Jason Hernandez - Program Advisor


Jason Hernandez was sentenced to life without parole for a non-violent drug crime in 1998. While incarcerated Jason learned federal law and litigated his own appeals but to no avail. He became what is known as a "jail-house attorney", litigating on the behalf of other inmates. Jason has a non-profit called "Crack Open The Door", which advocates for non-violent crack/cocaine offenders serving life without parole. Jason Hernandez was one of the first eight granted clemency on President Obama's Prison Initiative.